Dammi la Mano Bella

  • Pane di Santa Lucia - Happy Valentine's Day!

    Perhaps this is not quite the story we are accustomed to hearing on Valentine's Day, but I was inspired by her devotion. Even if the tale of her life has been twisted over the centuries, the potency of its poetic end (her foresight, her vision of the future, brought about the lost of her own vision) is so very beautiful and has inspired millennia of young women and so many others to live a life of love. 
  • Abundance & Excess : L'Abbondanza & L'Eccesso

    What is the difference between abundance and excess? Where do we draw the line and how did we cross it?  Is there some ratio, percentage value, some formula we can calculate when things become just a little too much?... Is it, perhaps, an attitude – a state of mind?
  • Buona Festa di San Valentino (HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!)

    These hands had my attention now....so I looked up and I kissed him. And in that exact moment, I fell in love.
  • Connection : un collegamento

    Raffaele would take my hand saying, “Dammi la mano bella” – which roughly translates to “Give me your (beautiful) hand"...we always knew that we would call it Mano Bella. And as the years went by and our love for each other grew, so did our love for food.